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Is everyone always telling you to work ON your business not just IN it? Well, here’s a great place to start.

five small things is a resource for the “chief change maker” inside every business. Every month we’ll bring you five manageable ideas, tips or resources that might spark an idea, inspire you to try something new or tweak something old.

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MARCH: Let's bank some wisdom

Whether it’s a story of success or a tale of woe, there’s always something to learn from people who’ve been through what you’re going through. So how do you like your case studies? A satisfying deep-dive into a single business? Or a whirlwind tour of a few businesses tackling a similar challenge? This month we have both.

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FEBRUARY: Congratulations, we're promoting you

Small business owners don’t always think of themselves as “leaders”. But those who do are far more likely to invest time and resource in themselves – and reap the business benefits

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JANUARY: There’s a gap in the market and your business is right in it

If you feel bamboozled by the amount of software out there, and a bit suspicious of all the vendors promising you the earth, arm yourself with our helpful insights.

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DECEMBER: SME marketing ideas that won't break the bank

What makes marketing so difficult for SMEs? Lack of time? Limited skillset? Low budget? Well, in this issue of five small things, we celebrated these "problems".

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NOVEMBER: How to get a bit more fire in their belly

What gets you out of bed in the morning? It’s probably not the same thing that motivates your staff. In this issue of five small things, we took a deep dive into motivation: how to identify it, how to nurture it and how to reward it.

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OCTOBER: Because change shouldn't be painful

We believe even tiny tweaks in a business can turn out to be game-changers. We call them one-percenters. Each month we bring you five things that might spark an idea, inspire you to try something new or tweak something old.

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