Business benchmarking

What if a business leader could learn how effective other companies in their sector were at hiring and retaining members of staff? Likewise, what if preconceived notions regarding effectiveness in areas such as digitisation and planning for the future could be challenged?

Business benchmarking provides a way for companies of all shapes and sizes to unlock fascinating insights into the competitiveness of others from the same sector, geography, age group or growth trajectory.

Be the Business has developed a freely-available online tool that allows businesses to assess their leadership and management strengths and weaknesses, compare their performance to other organisations, and get tips and recommendations for where there are opportunities for improvement.

These kinds of insights stimulate change and encourage firms to step outside of their comfort zone and look for opportunities to keep pace with both competitors and the wider business ecosystem.

By using our benchmarking tool, leaders will be able to determine whether they need to pay closest attention to one of four critical functions:

  • Leadership, management and operations
  • People and team
  • Customer
  • Planning and strategy

To bring it to life, Be the Business has documented real-life examples of change in these areas in action – showing clearly how small and medium-sized businesses around the UK identified a problem, ideated a solution and then tracked the impact. We’ve also created a series of insightful eight-page guides so that tool users are given clear direction on what to do next to improve their own productivity.

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