North West Family Business Programme

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Innovation is a key challenge for many family businesses. If you’re among their number, we’re here to help. The North West Family Business Programme offers new ways for family firms around our region to collaborate, learn, share, build on their strengths and perform at their peak.

We want to galvanise North West family businesses to become some of Britain’s best-run firms. To do that, we’re piloting a range of new ways to help these kinds of businesses improve.

Family firms are the backbone of the economy, making up two-thirds of all UK businesses, employing more than 12m people and contributing over a quarter of GDP. Yet the pressures of running a family business are unique and very different from corporate management.

The North West Family Business Programme has been created to address precisely these challenges. Be the Business has brought together a range of powerful initiatives to unlock all of the energy and potential held in family SMEs.

Some activities can be dipped in and out of, others are more involved. All of them are designed to get family firms talking, sharing, learning and thriving.

Our offering includes business placements, open business days, peer learning opportunities, advisory boards and other Be the Business programmes such as Mentoring for Growth and Productivity through People.

Want to know more about what each of these entails? Have a look at our North West Family Business programme brochure to find out which might be the best fit for your business.

Don’t just take it from us though. We’ve already spoken to a number of family businesses which have explained the power of collaborating.

“I love learning from other people, visiting other companies. Some things will never work for us but some you can adapt and change,” said Roger Smith from Thomas Graham & Sons. “One thing we have definitely done right is to ask for help. There is so much support available for small businesses in our region,” added Carrs Pasties’ Matt Carr.

Sign up to our North West Family Business Programme today and unlock new paths to innovation.

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