Productivity through People

Encouraging SME leaders to step outside of their workplace to think about their business differently and reflect on current practices is one of the founding principles of our Productivity through People programme.

This 12-month programme provides SME leaders access to the latest techniques, thinking and research to transform their businesses’ productivity and working practices.

Facilitated through three UK universities, Bath University Management School, Lancaster University Management School and University of Strathclyde, the programme has been specifically designed to help business leaders meet the productivity challenge and drive improvements in their firms.

The programme provides an interesting mix of classroom learning and being pragmatic, with firms receiving advice and site visits from relevant industry leaders.

In addition to meeting and learning from industry leaders, course attendees build peer networks to help them work together to solve challenges and meet opportunities.

The aim of the entire programme is to help these businesses to unlock enhanced productivity and growth for their business. Chris Blades, a Lancaster Productivity through People graduate, created large savings and new opportunities for his business throughout the duration of the course, read his story here.

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