Laser focus on productivity needed to meet Chancellor's growth ambitions

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Date: 23 September 2022

London, 23 September 2022: Be the Business, a not-for-profit that champions small business productivity, has welcomed the ambition of the Chancellor's Growth Plan.

Anthony Impey MBE, Be the Business CEO, said: “We applaud the Chancellor’s ambition to make the UK one of the most competitive economies in the world; achieving this is going to need a laser-like focus on boosting productivity.

“It will give business leaders a great incentive to leverage the savings from Corporation Tax and NICs and invest in the very activities that underpin productivity growth, such as adopting technology and developing skills.

“The newly announced investment zones provide a superb opportunity to create productivity hotspots in every part of the country. With the right implementation, they can serve as focal points for ambitious businesses to come together and learn from each other to drive performance, competitiveness and productivity."