The productivity gap remains large, but businesses have the latent potential to close it

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Date: 7 October 2022

London, 7 October 2022: the latest productivity figures, published by the Office for National Statistics, found that output per hour was up 0.4% in Quarter 2 (April to June) compared with the same period in 2021. Productivity levels were 1.8% higher than the average level in 2019, prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Responding to these figures, Anthony Impey, CEO of Be the Business, the small business productivity champions, said: “These latest figures confirm that the long-term trend of productivity underperformance is persisting post-pandemic. The government has correctly assessed that we need to set a new growth trajectory for the country, but this can only be achieved if we unlock the latent potential of business within the UK.

“We should be optimistic about our ability to do that, but if we are to see business productivity increase, owners and managers require three things – confidence, capability and certainty. Confidence in the broader economic picture, so they can be assured that their efforts will not be wasted; the space to increase their capability and the skills of their teams; and certainty that when they make investments, they will deliver the expected return.

“We cannot underestimate the perseverance of UK businesses. If the entire business community comes together, the UK can be a nation of productivity leaders.”