Our impact

Since 2017, Be the Business has supported thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses across the UK through a mix of free online resources and programmes, including our Be the Business Mentoring and Board programmes. In that time, we have seen real and tangible results.

business leaders have participated in our programmes
business leaders have taken part in one of our face-to-face leadership and management programmes
Over £350m
productivity uplift for businesses that participated in Be the Business interventions
Over one million
unique users visited our website

Hear more from our programme participants

Mark Holden, Inn Cornwall


Shielding, but far from isolated from his team

Pub director Mark Holden turned to Be the Business when lockdown forced him to develop a new approach to leadership and communication..

Be the Business Mentoring

Jake Lavelle, JPL Flavour Technologies


My mentor’s experience gave me leadership confidence

When JPL Flavours started to take off, managing director Jake Lavelle realised he needed to take steps to improve his management skills and mindset..

Be the Business Mentoring

Mentoring scheme


Mentoring felt almost like business therapy

Despite a career that included lots of great experience, Nicola Seferta realised extra support was needed in order to get stuck into a new role..

Be the Business Mentoring

Richard Wilde


We were suffering from growing pains

Growing a business requires adjustments to people and processes. Milexa managing director Richard Wilde brought in a mentor to manage the transition..

Be the Business Mentoring

Becoming a mentor


Could you be the mentor someone’s looking for?

Experienced mentor Keith Softly tells us all about how mentoring works, what’s involved and why he believes other senior managers should get involved..

Be the Business Mentoring

Joanna Swash, Moneypenny


Business books are no substitute for talking to someone who has done it

Anton Hanley is ambitious and eager to learn from others who’ve trodden a similar path. The Mentoring for Growth programme proved to be an invaluable experience..

Be the Business Mentoring

Rupert Cross


It’s been like a top-level coach working with a top-level sportsman

When Andrew Connors started mentoring Rupert Cross at the end of 2019, neither of them knew just what a challenging time lay ahead..

Be the Business Mentoring

Brothers Matt, Joe and Liam Carr with dad at family business Carrs Pasties


A Siemens business mentor re-united our family firm behind the same vision

Family-run Carrs Pasties has been manufacturing baked goods for over 80 years, but for brothers Matt, Joe and Liam, taking over hasn’t been straightforward..

Be the Business Mentoring

Chris Mayne


I’m making quicker decisions now

When Chris Mayne stepped into a leadership role at navigation engineering company Forsberg, a mentor helped him introduce new ideas to the business..

Be the Business Mentoring

CGA Fiona Speakman


We didn’t want coronavirus to stop us in our tracks

When plans to develop its workforce looked to be derailed by coronavirus, consultancy CGA Strategy turned to our 12-week mentoring programme for support..

Be the Business Mentoring

Nick Rubega


My people management skills improved overnight

Denise Baurmann was struggling to work out how to move forward with technology at Fairmont Residential when a mentor stepped in to help..

Be the Business Mentoring

Just Strong ambassadors standing in a group


I knew marketing, but finance and logistics were way out of my comfort zone

With overseas orders making up around 30 per cent of its sales, sportswear brand Just Strong has built up a global presence – but founder Mark Robinson needed extra support to get a handle on the logistics..

Be the Business Mentoring

Liz Smith speaks to an employee at LG Davis


I felt like I was in my dad’s shadow

Joining the Be the Business Mentoring programme helped Liz Smith finally get comfortable in her leadership role at family firm LG Davis..

Be the Business Mentoring

BAE Systems Pete Boddy sitting at his desk


Being a mentor has helped me keep my ideas fresh

During his time as a mentor, BAE Systems’ Pete Boddy has been impressed by each company's hunger to learn – and they've given him inspiration for his own work too..

Be the Business Mentoring


Mentors have to be able to ask difficult questions

Like most businesses, JudgeService.com was unprepared for the scale of the coronavirus crisis. Luckily, managing director Neil Adley had the support of a mentor to help him find a way forward..

Be the Business Mentoring

Helen Tonks – Hydraulics Online


I’m sharing info with my advisory board that has never left the business

With ambitious growth plans of 20 per cent a year, Hydraulics Online are using an advisory board made up of experienced business leaders to mark a clear route..

Be the Business Boards



Our mentor’s productivity improvements saved us time and money

Allsee Technologies managing director Baoli Zhao joined the Be the Business Mentoring programme to get advice with his expansion plans..

Be the Business Mentoring



Being accountable was exactly the kind of challenge I needed

As a business leader who operated at a mile a minute, a mentor made Jo Scott accountable and encouraged her to slow down and look at her company objectively, rather than emotionally..

Be the Business Mentoring