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Since 2017, Be the Business has supported thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses across the UK through a mix of free online resources and programmes, including our Be the Business Mentoring and Board programmes. In that time, we have seen real and tangible results.

business leaders have been supported by Be the Business
Over £491m
productivity uplift for businesses that participated in Be the Business interventions

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We have a better strategy now and better ideas about how to get there

Enable Manufacturing encouraged its Be the Business board to challenge its thinking. The result is a robust strategy that is playing well with investors..


I’m indebted to the board for their help

Helen Tanner’s company has embarked on a new phase of growth, after amending its sales and marketing strategy on the advice of a Be the Business board..

Be the Business Boards


It’s win win: the best possible outcome for both company and board

Advisory boards can have a powerful effect on small, fast-growing businesses. Enable Manufacturing is a case in point..

Be the Business Boards


They really took our challenges seriously

Working with a Be the Business board has forced the founders of Loom Digital to make time to work on their business as well as in it..

Be the Business Boards


You’re never too senior or experienced to give something back

After 40 years in automotive manufacturing and in government, Lawrence Davies is sharing his experience through the Be the Business Boards programme..

Be the Business Boards


It’s a way of paying back

When he took on a Be the Business advisory board role, Neil Douglas wanted to “give something back” – but there have been plenty of other benefits..

Be the Business Boards


The board gave me confidence in my decisions

Language school owner Val Hennessy is rebuilding the business after lockdown, boosted by the validation of a Be the Business board..

Be the Business Boards

Bethan Thomas – HotTea Mama


I’ve now got a platform for our next stage of growth

Bethan Thomas was struggling to manage her company’s rapid growth with a small team. With help from a mentor she gained a more strategic focus and delivered impressive results..

Be the Business Mentoring


Being the CEO of a growing business can be a very lonely place

Rapid growth and multiple opportunities might sound like a great combination for an ambitious SME chief executive. But Adam Watts, CEO of EFT Group, knows that having the right people, doing the right things, is essential for success..

Be the Business Mentoring

Jenner Collins


Six heads are better than one

The Be the Business Boards programme is helping dynamic small businesses to meet challenges, manage growth and become even more successful..

Be the Business Boards


An incredible multifaceted learning experience

A driving force for senior leaders joining the Be the Business Boards programme is their desire to share their own experience to help small businesses to grow..

Be the Business Boards

Marcus Trofimov


The biggest benefit is their role as a sounding board

Buying out his angel investor just before the pandemic hit left Marcus Trofimov without his mentor at a crucial point in the company’s development..

Be the Business Boards


It has helped us deal with problems in a completely different way

Jilbruke and Jenner Collins have big plans, but their focus on engineering challenges had blinded them to the commercial aspects of their business..

Be the Business Boards

Anton Pergua, Holden Knight Education


In business, you don’t know what you don’t know

Having previously gone it alone and firmly embraced trial and error, Anton Peruga has discovered the power of having access to a pool of like-minded professionals through our Boards programme..

Be the Business Boards

Lisa Smith, founder of Ginger Bakers


There is nothing I wouldn’t want another person to see – even a competitor

Cumbria bakery Ginger Bakers has been through a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but now founder Lisa Smith is back on track and ready to build..

Be the Business Boards


To have a business mentor of this standard is like a dream come true

When dance teacher Ella Mesma spotted a new opportunity, she sought out a mentor to help her develop the business skills she needed to launch..

Be the Business Mentoring

Mark Holden, Inn Cornwall


Shielding, but far from isolated from his team

Pub director Mark Holden turned to Be the Business when lockdown forced him to develop a new approach to leadership and communication..

Be the Business Mentoring

Jake Lavelle, JPL Flavour Technologies


My mentor’s experience gave me leadership confidence

When JPL Flavours started to take off, managing director Jake Lavelle realised he needed to take steps to improve his management skills and mindset..

Be the Business Mentoring