Be the Business and Lloyds Banking Group – Partnership highlights

Forklift driver moves pallets

Lloyds Banking Group is a core sponsor of Be the Business. Over the past three years, our partnership has had a major impact on the productivity – and, more recently, the survival rates – of UK SMEs.

We've brought together some of the highlights of the partnership, looking at productivity uplifts, marketing spotlights and specific impact case studies.

Ed Thurman, director, Group Payments Partnerships, and formerly the Lloyds Banking Group/Be the Business partnership sponsor at Lloyds Banking Group, said: "From a Lloyds Bank point of view, our core mission is really around helping Britain prosper. When we think about what that means for us and what that means for our clients, productivity is really at the heart of that, so for us there’s a really clear alignment between what Be the Business are doing and what we’re doing as a business in our own right.”

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