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Skills for Success: Supporting business leaders with digital adoption – WEBINAR

Skills for Success webinar

New research from The Open University and Be the Business explores the skills necessary to encourage the successful adoption of technology in SMEs.

A new report, Skills for Success: Supporting business leaders with digital adoption, explores the attitudes of small and medium-sized business leaders when it comes to digital adoption in the context of coronavirus, as well as the skills gaps that exist at both a leadership and employee level.

It also examines the learning attitudes and preferences of leaders, enabling the digital skills ecosystem to better support them on the path to effectively implementing and using technologies within their businesses.

The panel is joined by Jemma Wright of Lloyds Banking Group, who shares her experience of supporting SMEs, and JohnPaul Wright of Systal, who shares best practice of how the company has navigated the pandemic and developed the skills of its leaders and workforce.