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Internal training schemes do not always need to be formal

Creating an internal training culture doesn’t have to be centred around formal, classroom-based schemes and courses knows Trusted Media.

Dean Lynn, managing director of Trusted Media holds weekly laidback ‘lunch and learn’ workshop sessions. “The session is very informal. I don’t think there’s anything here at Trusted Media that you’d call formal!” he says.

“The day we choose for it depends on when the team members would like to do their feature. The stories that they tell over lunch can be about anything from inside or even outside work. Not only does this help us to learn from each other, it also helps us all learn more about each other.” Topics discussed can range from work-related thoughts and experiences or personal life events which can build individual development.

Despite the informal lunch and learn sessions Trusted Media also offers soft skill training masterclasses organized by a third-party provider.

Would like to learn more about fostering a training culture internally? Read here what BE Design does.

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