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Let Google train your team in Google Analytics

While most SMEs agree that Google Analytics is a vitally important data tool founder of marketing agency Digital Clarity, Reggie James says that more than half of all companies are not very clear on how they should be using it. 

So why not let the very people who made Good Analytics show you the way? The Google Analytics Academy is a free online resource that will take you from beginner to advance in a short time frame, and there are regular tests to make sure you’ve been listening.  

Google Analytics is not only extremely powerful – given that it can help show where visitors come from, where on your site they tend to exit and countless other metrics – but there’s a chance that it also contains some incredibly useful data you didn’t even know you had added Reggie James. Training your stuff and using it the right way is therefore a free value add. 

Take a look what to see how other SMEs use analytics to generate customer insights. 

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