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Performance management can actually be fun

By its nature, performance management can be a sensitive subject for employees. But one company has found a way to make it more engaging and goal orientated.

Love Energy Savings has a simple but effective system for performance management called RAG. It is short for red, amber and green, and involves each employee being given a sales goal they need to work to each month. The RAG rating gives an indication of where someone is in terms of meeting that goal. “If you’re in the red, what do you need to do to get yourself back into the green?” said the company’s managing director Phil Foster. “In terms of support, how can we help you to achieve your aims?”

In addition, Love Energy Savings hosts monthly company-wide “Buzz Awards”, with cash prizes, to reward and congratulate the staff who need praising.

Phil Foster’s RAG system is helping the business optimise output, as we found out in our more detailed feature.

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