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How do I deal with a challenging member of staff?

When certain members of your team aren't pulling their weight, are being disruptive or show signs of feeling frustrated the easy thing to do is put your head in the ground. However, if left unaddressed the problem and multiply and end up impacting lots of other people in the business. Use the resources we have laid out below to tackle the situation head on and get staff back on track.

Ways to help you deal with it:

Action plan

Managing a challenging member of staff

Effort : Medium
Impact : Medium

Left unaddressed, challenging or disruptive members of staff can start to have a big impact on business culture, atmosphere and performance. Getting to the heart of the underlying emotion is of upmost importance and, more often than not, can lead to quick and impactful improvement.

ACTION PLANS are a structured list of steps designed to help you approach tackling a particular business challenge.

  • We explain why each step is important
  • Customise by setting your own completion dates and assign tasks
  • Helpful tools are provided for certain steps
  • A downloadable PDF version of each action plan is available


An introduction to dealing with a challenging member of staff

Every business will come across a challenging member of staff at some point. Learning how to deal with the situation effectively is essential if you want to avoid a negative impact on the rest of your workforce.

GUIDES break a challenge down, providing important context and real-world experiences.

  • Based on SME experiences, not corporate jargon
  • Filled with real-world stories
  • Achievable steps every business can take

Other support that’s available

There’s lots of great advice and support available from third parties, so we’ve brought together some of our favourite resources.

How other businesses have tackled something similar

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