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It's The Small Things podcast

“It’s The Small Things” is a Be the Business podcast providing the inspiration small and medium-sized companies need to take an iterative approach to business improvement.

It's The Small Things goes beneath the surface at some of the UK’s most interesting and innovative businesses.

Each episode features an in-depth conversation covering how areas for improvement were identified, what change was decided upon and how its results were tracked to guide future improvement efforts.

Listeners can find out how these leaders:

  • Get the best out of their employees
  • Identify areas of weakness within their businesses
  • Find and engage their customer base

The podcast is available on all major platforms and immediately below. Click through to find it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Acast, Spotify and SoundCloud and subscribe to make sure you don't miss out on new episodes.

Season 2: Episode 5

Dan Black – founder OF Black + Blum

A combination of leadership self analysis, product optimisation and team empowerment has helped Black+Blum take big strides forward in the last year. Founder Dan Black explains more.

Episode 5: Black+Blum – Dan Black

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Season 2: Episode 4

Paul Kelly – KellyBronze

KellyBronze MD and owner Paul Kelly explains how he tripled productivity with a fraction of the staff after inventing the world’s first turkey plucking line, made wise capital investments, implemented a bonus for low paid staff might and why leaders should never be afraid to forge their own path.

Episode 4: KellyBronze – Paul Kelly

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Season 2: Episode 3

Steve Moore – Flight Club CEO

Flight Club CEO and founder Steve Moore opens up about how running hundreds of pre-launch feedback sessions helped them build an army of advocates, the functions and management team needed to scale and creating an immersive experience that bucks the trend of high street closures.

Episode 3: Flight Club – Steve Moore

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Season 2: Episode 2

Victoria Brocklesby shares how a pioneering approach to customer service, good internal communication and an ethos of always listening to staff ideas has transformed Origin from a small family operation into a global business with 300 employees.

Episode 2: Origin – Victoria Brocklesby

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Season 2: Episode 1

Will Butler-Adams shares how the business evolved from its old school approach, where staff had a “meltdown” when he started talking about increasing capacity, to an ambitious, international brand that employs nearly 300 people. Click below to find out more or listen through SoundCloud.

Episode 1: Brompton Bicycle – Will Butler-Adams

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It's The Small Things – Lessons learnt

Small changes might, on the surface, look like their impact is minimal. However, layered on top of each other, these small efforts produce immense incremental gains.

Rather than thinking business improvement can be confined to a week or month of the year, adopting an always on and curious approach will help it become part of the culture.

Whether it's from your own staff, other leaders in your network, customers or just friends and family, be open to suggestions and ideas from all angles and in every shape and size.