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FAQ: Creating a good working environment and staying safe during the coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted how and where most people work. Business owners need to adapt working environments to make sure their employees feel safe and are able to work effectively.

The challenges presented by coronavirus are constantly changing. It’s important for business owners to stay nimble and ready to adapt to new situations.

When it comes to your workforce, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Measures put in place at the start of the crisis may no longer be sufficient.

Many employees are working in unfamiliar environments, whether routines have changed to meet restrictions or they are working remotely for long periods of time. Some may be struggling to adjust after furlough leave or worried about job security. 

This FAQ will help you think about how you can create a good working environment for the next stage of coronavirus, keep your employees safe and promote positive work habits. 

These are only suggestions. You’ll need to decide what’s best for your situation and ensure you’re meeting all your legal obligations.

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