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Be the business is currently recruiting for some exciting roles that will be at the heart of driving the productivity movement. As we establish our capability we are looking to form an inspired, entrepreneurial and expert team! We need to:

Manage a national campaign to raise awareness of and change attitudes to the productivity challenge that we face in this country;

Work with collaborative partners to drive the productivity debate, and generate research and insights that will inform actions to improve productivity; and

Provide access to inspirational examples of what other businesses have done to improve their productivity, as well as enable links to service providers so that businesses can take their first step to improving their own productivity.

We’re thrilled to be working with Essenta Partners, our retained Executive search partners, to help us build a high quality team.

Join us in building an innovative and purposeful organisation. Contact Essenta Partners directly to find out more:

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For all recruitment enquiries, please contact Essenta Partners directly to find out more:

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