Find out how SMEs like you are responding to coronavirus

There is no playbook for how businesses throughout the UK should be responding to coronavirus, we're in uncharted territory. However, hearing from people like you can help in achieving clarity and reaching that all-important decision-making point. See how leaders are responding in creative and decisive ways below.

Cube Video: We’re thinking about what we can provide to existing customers

As the CEO of a business which largely depends on site visits to deliver its finished product, James Hakesley has focused on adapting the company's service and offering. He's spoken with clients about repackaging existing work or offering them remote services such as 2D and 3D animation.

Playdale Playgrounds: We activated our business disaster recovery plan

Playdale Playgrounds CEO Barry Leahey MBE explains how he and his team have been reacting to the coronavirus update – from ensuring staff are looked after to making sure they have clarity on numbers to put plans and actions into place.

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