Tools and templates

These tools and templates help you put thoughts into action to improve processes and procedures.

We've combined our own content with that provided by other experts in the business support space, saving you time and effort finding the right help.

The tools and templates listed below are also designed to help you with completing certain steps of our action plans.

  • Combination of checklists, templates and conversation guides
  • Use them as a way of structuring an approach to a particular process or task
  • Adapt suggestions to suit your particular business and its situation

Calculate how much time you’re spending on tasks

Download our template to calculate how much time you’re spending on tasks and whether you are adding value in the right areas.

Holding yourself accountable to goals as a leader

Your goals are crucial to moving the business forward, but it can be hard to stay focused. Our checklist will help you build a structure.

How to run a workshop on business aspirations

Use our template to plan a workshop on businesses aspirations and get value input from your team that can then be actioned.

Creating a monthly routine to set goals and assess progress against long-term objectives

Developing a monthly goal-setting routine allows you to check your progress against long-term objectives and reflect on any changes you need to make.

Running a values workshop

Values workshops are an effective way to gather input from your team. Use these guidelines to structure your workshop then test what you’ve created.

Building your mindset to trust your team

If you can develop a trusting mindset with your team you’ll be able to work more effectively and empower the people around you.

Check employees have everything they need when delegating

Successful delegation is all in the preparation. Work through our checklist when delegating tasks to make sure employees have everything they need to complete the work to a high standard.

Identifying tasks that can be delegated easily

Deciding what to delegate and who to delegate to isn't easy. Our template breaks down the delegation process, allowing you to prioritise what you’re going to delegate to your team.

Implementing a new system in the workplace

Embedding a new system in your business takes careful planning. This checklist will help to make sure you complete the process in an effective way.

Identifying the skills gaps you have as a leader

Being self-aware empowers business leaders to grow and improve. Our easy-to-follow checklist can be used to identify your skills gaps.

Getting employee feedback on management

Gathering feedback from employees helps managers to develop their skills and grow. This simple survey template used by Google is a great place to start.

Incorporating feedback into your business planning

Feedback from customers, employees or peers can lead to positive changes and new ideas in your business. We’ve outlined suggestions of how you can incorporate feedback into your business plans.

Your guide to writing a business case

Writing a business case is a useful way to think a potential project or investment through in a step-by-step manner.

Plan for scaling up a product or service

When you’ve identified a product or service you think is ready to scale, it’s important to develop a plan to work out how you’re going to build demand.

Preparing your business to scale successfully

Looking to scale up your business and take it to the next level? Follow these tips to assess if you’re ready.

How to run an employee feedback workshop

Workshops are an effective way of solving problems and getting feedback from employees. Use our step-by-step checklist to run your own successful workshop.

Sharing financial information with employees

Sharing your company's financials allows employees to see how their work makes an impact. Our template will get you started.

Using the SMART methodology to set goals

Use our SMART goal-setting template to make each goal specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.