Be the Business case study guides

We talk to SME leaders every day about the challenges they’re facing and the opportunities they’re most excited about. That’s given us dozens of case studies, stories, tips and ideas. We’ve collected some of the most interesting ones in this series of e-books. They’re quick to read, practical, actionable and best of all, they’re from people like you, exploring new ideas in their business, making small changes that give big improvements.

Do you feel like a leader yet?

Find a leadership style that fits you best, fires up growth and fosters productivity.

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Time to scrap the spreadsheets

Let us help you choose the right software to improve your productivity and fuel growth.

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A bit more fire in their belly

Employee motivation tips for higher productivity and a happier workplace.

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Nifty, nimble and not expensive

Bright ideas for brand awareness and sales – without breaking the bank.

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People & Team

Find out how innovative UK SMEs are thinking differently about the way they get the most out of any company’s most valuable asset – its people.

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Discover how taking a step back helped UK businesses from a wide variety of sectors put in place a plan that helped harness ambition and capitalise on potential.

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Leadership & Strategy

It comes in all shapes and forms, but what does effective leadership actually look like? Find out how owners and managers from around Britain have successfully tackled the issue.

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Sales & Growth

From technology to consumer expectations, the art of attracting and retaining shoppers changes daily. Discover how forward-thinking SMEs have improved by listening to their customers.

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Digital Readiness

Automation, AI, data, analytics – they don’t have to be scary and intimidating words. Find out how other SMEs have embraced parts of the digital world to work smarter and more efficiently.

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