What is productivity & why should I care?

In simple terms, productivity is a measure of the amount of output a business produces for a unit of input. Understanding productivity is therefore key to understanding business performance.

Did you know?

UK productivity is 22.8% lower than that of France. This has a serious impact on the UK economy.

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About Be the Business

Be the Business was established in 2017 to address the underperformance of UK productivity. Chaired by Sir Charlie Mayfield, Be the Business is spearheading a business-led drive to help companies across the UK improve their performance.

We provide the inspiration, tools and resources for businesses to get started on improving their own performance. We enable business leaders to identify where the opportunities are for their businesses to improve, and we extract the best advice from other businesses on the approaches that are proven to work.

In addition to providing benchmarking tools and advice we are also working with businesses across the country to understand what works on the ground, constantly learning, evolving and sharing that with businesses in all four corners of the UK.

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