You’ll be amazed how much you can learn from business leaders operating in completely different sectors and geographies

Be the Business is an independent, not-for-profit movement. We’re here to help every firm in the UK improve their own performance, and the performance of those they work with. Start your improvement journey by delving into the experiences of others just like you. Whether it’s a hotelier in Cornwall or a printer in Birmingham, they are all united by tackling the same challenges and opportunities.

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Why small steps add up to big change

At Be the Business we believe in focusing on the small, practical and completely achievable things you and your business could be doing to bring about big benefits.

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See how transformative small changes can really be in our video.

How many small changes can you spot?

Why is productivity important?

Productive companies get more out of what they’ve got, enabling them to increase their profits, pay higher wages and invest in their future.

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Benchmark your business

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly how well your business is performing.

Our benchmarking tool helps do this quickly and accurately, making it possible to see how your business compares to similar ones around the UK. With this information you can make informed decisions about the best next steps for the future of your business.

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Listen to It's The Small Things

Hear from the leaders of businesses including PureGym, Graze and Tangle Teezer about how they identified areas for improvement, decided upon the change required and then tracked results to guide future efforts.


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