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The big decisions facing British businesses

Business leaders from around the country are coming together to share their recovery stories on Rebuild.

From changes to business models to new ways of engaging and motivating employees, they are making one small improvement at a time.

See how their experiences could help influence your own decision making.

Help for your business getting through the impact of coronavirus

In the months ahead you will be making big business decisions – but you don’t need to go it alone.

Coronavirus has created not just a public health emergency but also a social and economic crisis. At Be the Business we believe we have an opportunity to support the businesses to recover and rebuild.

Designed to help business owners and managers with the choices they are making to recover from the coronavirus, we’re excited to bring you Rebuild.

Rebuild brings together:

• A blend of peer and expert-led business advice and insights on recovery tactics – practical steps everyone can take

• Leaders from businesses of all shapes and sizes in collaborative ways rebuild through action-driven content, mentoring, problem-solving groups

Rebuild will adapt to the changing needs of UK businesses through the crisis with new content, advice and guidance.

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Listen to It's The Small Things

Hear from the leaders of businesses including PureGym, Graze and Tangle Teezer about how they identified areas for improvement, decided upon the change required and then tracked results to guide future efforts.


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