Britain’s productivity and competitiveness is stagnating.
This can only be solved by every firm getting into shape.

Without a concerted, nationwide effort to improve, the already visible impacts will start to grow.

Your Turnover Impact


of lost value per small business
in the UK.


Your Staff Impact


and growing – yearly wages
lost per person.


Your Community Impact


of lost productivity because the UK’s
ten “core cities” aren’t achieving their
productivity benchmark.


What can you do?

Be the Business is an independent, not-for-profit movement. We’re here to help every firm in the country improve their own performance, and the performance of those they work with.

Change doesn’t have to be epic, sweeping, painful or expensive. It’s easier to get started than you think.

Assess your business performance and practices.

Use our quick and
simple assessment tool

Get inspired by learning from how others have improved their businesses.

Review our insights
and case studies

Discover how a Be the Business programme could transform your firm.

Take action to
get better

Or partner with us

Leading businesses across the country are coming together in collaborative and innovative ways to deal with the issue head on.

Does your business want to lead the way?

Long-lasting impact will only really be achieved by British industry coming together to share best practice.

Find out how your organisation can play a leading role.


Find out more

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