Business leadership for a better decade

We are galvanising business leaders to join us in leading a new campaign for a better decade for UK productivity and competitiveness

Under the banner “Business Leadership for a Better Decade”, the UK’s leading companies are coming together to deliver real change for UK businesses and their communities.

Together, the business leaders who have joined our campaign employ thousands of British workers. Their complex supply chains support countless jobs and small businesses beyond. They have the interests of their employees, their families and communities at heart and above all they know how to get this right.

Our CEO, Tony Danker, said: “We want every business in the country to put productivity and competitiveness top of the list for 2020, regardless of size. In your own firm, your supply chain, your customer base and your region. This is in our hands and it is the only way to get the economy firing on all cylinders.”

Our chairman, Sir Charlie Mayfield, added: “Productivity matters. No growth for over ten years means people are poorer and the UK is weaker, competitively, than we should be. We want to change that and we know it can be done. We’re stepping up, as businesses, to support a movement across the UK. With this support we will work with businesses, with sectors and in places right across the country to build a better decade.”

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The UK is facing an unprecedented productivity crisis


The UK has now suffered four consecutive quarters of productivity decline after a flat decade


Lost value for each large UK corporate (250 or more staff) each year


Potential value added to the UK economy through firms raising their productivity by 10 per cent

Businesses are supporting the campaign and Be the Business in a variety of ways

Supply chain

Supporting the delivery of development programmes to their SME suppliers


Helping disseminate best practice in productivity and people management through their client base


Co-designing programmes to help support their clients and customers productivity and competitiveness


Encouraging their senior executives to become mentors for managers of high potential SMEs

Case study: Lloyds Bank

David Oldfield, group director and CEO of Commercial Banking at Lloyds Banking Group, explains why the organisation has decided to support Be the Business and its mission.

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Our partners

Business is a force for good in the country

Find out why Deloitte are partnering with Be the Business to really make an impact at a time when the economy needs it most.

Hear from Deloitte chairman Nick Owen

Get involved

Contact Be the Business today to find out how your organisation could support our better leadership for a better decade mission.

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