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Our content is designed to be simple and relatable. At Be the Business we don't pretend to be the expert on motivating your staff or turning that business vision into an actionable plan. Instead we speak to people just like you, business leaders who have dealt with problems and opportunities and have a helpful story or two to tell. Our primary belief? There's a wealth of knowledge out there if you take the time to hear about other people's experiences – regardless of the size of their business or the sector it operates in.

People & team

Peer case studies

Find out how innovative UK SMEs are thinking differently about the way they get the most out of any firm’s most valuable asset – people.

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Leadership & strategy

Peer case studies

It comes in all shapes and forms, but what does effective leadership actually look like? Discover how others have tackled the issue.

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Sales & growth

Peer case studies

From tech to consumer expectations, the art of attracting and retaining consumers changes daily. Learn from how others are doing it.

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Podcast – It's The Small Things

It’s The Small Things is a Be the Business podcast providing the inspiration small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) need to take an iterative approach to business improvement. It goes beneath the surface at some of the UK’s most interesting and innovative businesses.

Working on the business, not just in it

From gym chains to seafood restaurants and from bike builders to precision engineering, we've assembled some of our favourite business improvement stories. Scroll through the gallery below and see which one grabs your attention. It could be the bite-sized inspiration you've been looking for.

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