Technology adoption labs

Access independent advice to help you find new ways to use technology – so you can test what works best for your business. Connect with tech experts who can answer the big questions you have and other businesses who are also looking to make better use of technology.

Technology Adoption Labs

Getting the most out of technology

When it comes to using new or unfamiliar technology, building your confidence and skillset is vitally important. This helps you save yourself from the pain of having to learn through mistakes by getting the right information and intelligence up front. Our Tech Adoption Labs are designed to help you test effectively make sure your teams and customers get the most out of the tech. Take part to hear from other businesses and experts who can share their adoption stories so you know what to look out for. If you are a business leader based in, or from East London, you may be eligible to join one of our Technology Adoption Labs.

How it works

Our technology adoption laps are designed for business people, providing quick answers and high-quality guidance.

  • 1
    Speak to an independent tech adviser to understand how tech could help you reach your business goals
  • 2
    Start trialling new tech with help from your adviser and other experts to see what works for you
  • 3
    Meet other business leaders who are going through similar changes as you and get fast tracked support to get started
  • 4
    Get connected to relevant support and ongoing training to keep developing your skills after the Lab