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How good is your business really? Raising our ambitions for business performance

The “How Good Is Your Business Really” report was the output of the Productivity Leadership Group’s research which has been the foundation of be the business and the productivity movement.

Read the report to gain an in depth understanding of the productivity problem, the actions that can realise the opportunities for UK business and employee prosperity, and the work undertaken to date which underpins the focus of be the business. The key drivers of productivity identified have formed the foundations for the business support we offer today to help you improve your organisation’s productivity – and the benefits that could bring for the wider economy.

We share practical steps and stories of what can be done over the long term to build a quality assured, business backed marketplace for better business engagement and collaboration to inspire more businesses to act. A significant amount of work has already been undertaken in sectors such as manufacturing and food and drink, retail and the creative industries, but also on cross cutting themes supporting management and leadership, better working practices, innovation and digitisation.

Download the full report to develop potential ideas for change and improvement in your organisation and join the movement today.

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