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Six expert guides to help business leaders navigate their next steps

Whether you’re looking at product innovations to create new value or finding ways to keep remote workers connected, there will be some important changes on the road to recovery – but you don’t need to go it alone.

We’ve compiled free expert guides on six priority areas: finance, business model, employees, suppliers, leadership and technology. Each guide provides practical advice, clarity and suggested next steps for how you can navigate the months ahead.

1. An expert guide on the essential footsteps towards business financial recovery

If the ongoing coronavirus crisis and economic consequences have dented your cash flow, your confidence, or both, this guide is for you.

Get clarity and suggested next steps on how to reduce your costs, run a lean business machine and de-risk your planning and forecasting. In this practical guide you can find out how to:

  • Maintain continuity and cash flow by knowing your numbers
  • Forecast your finances despite the uncertainty
  • Review the funding landscape for your next move

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2. An expert guide to maximising revenue for recovery and steady growth

If your business has been shaken, either on the supply or demand side, you’ll be focused on maximising revenue and stabilising your incomings and outgoings.

Whether you’re looking at product or price innovations to create new value or reshaping your go-to-market model for a leaner business, this guide can help. Download it to find practical tips on how to:

  • Adapt your revenue model for an unpredictable economy
  • Find opportunities for profitable change in a crisis
  • Find new horizons: marketing online and selling overseas

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3. An expert guide to staff wellbeing and workplace engagement for SMEs

When it comes to staff wellbeing, there’s a lot for your people to be worried about right now: health, friends, family and job security to name a few big concerns.

It’s impossible to forget those anxieties when they come in to work so, as a boss, how do you avoid making it worse – and maybe even make it better? In this practical guide you’ll get expert support with:

  • Maintaining engagement with remote and hybrid working
  • Creating a safe, supportive and productive workplace
  • Balancing permanent and freelance to manage uncertainty

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4. An expert guide to fixing your business supply chain – for now and the future

If you emerged from lockdown into a slightly different supplier landscape, you’re not alone. Some familiar faces might have ceased trading, and some new names might have entered your space.

Establishing stronger supply chains for the next phase calls for some familiar skills in a tough new setting. In this practical guide you can find out how to:

  • Nurture honest relationships with suppliers with a firm focus on cost-savings
  • Negotiate with suppliers and buyers while remaining supportive of your industry
  • Consider new kinds of alliances and take care to do thorough due diligence

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5. An expert guide to leading your business through uncertainty

You’ve brought your business this far and the same skills, instincts and leadership style are a great base for getting through what’s set to be another hugely challenging period for all sectors.

However, the SME leadership experts in this guide look at how you can now recalibrate your ambitions, set brave targets and bolster your confidence. See how to:

  • Make strong decisions at speed, even without all the facts
  • Communicate with clarity and empathy at a distance
  • Nurture your own support network with peers and even competitors

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6. An expert guide on using technology to recover faster and leaner

Technology was a lifeline for businesses under lockdown, keeping teams together or moving operations online. This guide shows you how digital tools might see you through this next difficult phase.

Find out how to identify the right platforms, apps and software that can bring you gains in automation, efficiency and communication. In this practical guide you’ll get expert support with:

  • Mastering the art of selling and marketing online
  • Making the most of social media and virtual events
  • Using technology to develop a leaner business

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