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Be the Business is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, with a single goal: to help business owners and leaders improve the performance of their business.
About Be the Business

Be the Business

Our goal is crucial to the health of the UK’s economy. The UK lags behind comparable nations in terms of productivity. But, by improving the performance of small business leaders, we improve the UK’s position overall, and everyone benefits. We work with some of the UK’s most successful businesses to provide small business leaders with the support, resources, and guidance they need to improve their productivity.

Our impact

We offer online support through our website, with business stories, action plans, and guides all freely available

Our flagship programmes provide tailored, in-depth support for business leaders

We publish research and studies from the frontline of small business, helping us to understand leaders and help them be more productive

Our campaigns spread awareness of the productivity movement, demonstrating the benefits of moving forward, and tackling information gaps and fixed mindsets


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Our history

In 2015, then Prime Minister David Cameron asked Sir Charlie Mayfield and Sir Richard Lambert to review the UK’s ongoing productivity challenges – it was clear the UK was falling behind other economies, and something needed to be done.

Meet our team

Sir Charlie formed the Productivity Leadership Group with some of the country’s leading businesspeople and began a 12-month review of the UK’s productivity situation. The review found that the UK’s productivity levels could be improved by increasing the management skills of business leaders and accelerating the adoption of certain business technologies.

The review called for a movement, led by business, to tackle the UK’s productivity challenges. Be the Business is that movement.

Be the Business was established in 2017. Today, we are funded and supported by the UK government and a prestigious selection of Britain’s leading companies, including GSK, Siemens, Amazon, BAE Systems, McKinsey & Co and Accenture.

Anthony Impey


“This is a moment we cannot miss. For every business to raise its game and in turn transform our competitiveness as a nation. The productivity movement we are building is real and it's a privilege to play my part in it.”

Research and insight
Research and insights

As part of our mandate to help UK SMEs increase productivity, Be the Business generates actionable insight through high-quality research. You can access our research and white papers below.

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Who do we work with?

We partner with well-known organisations to make sure as much industry expertise makes it into the business support we provide.