SALES: Grow your profitable sales

Be part of focused conservations looking at identifying customer needs, pricing strategy and the targeting tools needed to grow sales profitably.

How they work

Understanding your customer is crucial to driving sales and profitability. Alongside experts and fellow business leaders, these Spark Sessions will help you build your sales funnel using important data and effective pricing strategies.

  • Workshop 1 – Zoom out: Understanding your customer. Explore whether you are meeting their customer’s needs and wants by looking at questions such as how do you match what you offer to what the customer wants and needs and are you product led or customer led?
  • Workshop 2 – Zoom in: Building your sales funnel. Discuss the balance between building your brand and bringing in individual sales contracts. This session will explore ways to use your data to drive your brand and individual sales contracts.
  • Workshop 3 – Make it fly: pricing strategies. Explore how to price for profit, sales, or both – combining pricing strategies for profit and sales. Ask questions such as do all your sales drive profitability, revenue, or a balance between both and have you got the perfect mix of sales and profit drivers?

For 75 minutes each week, for three weeks, you'll come together as a group digitally and break the discipline down into actionable chunks.

Our upcoming dates

Spark Sessions dates

⦾ Workshop one – Wednesday 24 May 2023

⦾ Workshop two – Wednesday 31 May 2023

⦾ Workshop three – Wednesday 7 June 2023

All online workshops run from 12pm to 1:15pm

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Meet our experts

The expert part of each workshop features an interesting story or idea that will kick-start the discussion amongst the group, creating energy and establishing a safe space to talk about the challenges of being a leader in challenging times means. 

Our upcoming experts:

  • Anita Dines – director at Business Centred Solutions. Anita supports business owners/leaders grow themselves and their businesses, focusing on becoming more efficient, productive, profitable, engaging their workforce and becoming great leaders. She has mentored over 350 SMEs in the past two years.
  • Mark Berry – business coach at Pebble Professional Development. Mark assists businesses in developing a culture that supports high performance. His approach takes leaders from under-confident and overwhelmed to strengthened confidence, personal effectiveness, and greater self-awareness.
  • David Mansfield – founder and director at The Monday Revolution. As an executive business consultant, David advises on process simplification and fast growth strategies. He is highly commercial, results focused and performance driven. As CEO at Capital Radio, he oversaw a merger with GWR, creating a company with a £750m market capitalisation.

"Each session had a different focus, with a short, thought-provoking introduction from a guest speaker. This created a platform for us all to share our challenges, how we tackle the issues, and great conversations and peer learning ensued."

Liz Smith, MD at LG Davis

Helpful details

Where: All sessions will be taking place virtually via Zoom. Admittance to the Zoom room is closed ten minutes after the start time.

Eligibility: Spark Sessions are for businesses which have three or more full-time employees and have been trading for over a year. Please provide as much detail as you can on sign-up stage to ensure we can provide you with the most relevant sessions to your business needs.

Please note these sessions aren’t intended to be a networking event, rather an opportunity to learn from like-minded business leaders and to start to make small but impactful changes in your business by having access to a technology expert. There is an important element of group discussion and therefore we ask that you keep your camera on where possible and contribute to each session.

Cost: We offer an early bird price of £30 if you sign up more than one week in advance of the first workshop. After that point participation costs £50.

Contact information: To find out anything else about our Spark Sessions contact us on – we look forward to hearing from you!

Future sessions: If you are unable to commit to the current programme dates but would like to be kept up to date on our future cohort sessions please complete an expression of interest form.

Privacy notice: To find out more about how we use your data please see our privacy notice.