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Our corporate partners are world leaders in their fields and bring their expertise, support, and leadership to Be the Business’ mission. We are supported by over 40 corporate partnerships, including Lloyds Banking Group, Amazon, BAE Systems, McKinsey & Co and Facebook. Our partnerships are designed to promote the Be the Business movement in every region and every sector of the UK economy.

Join us and become an essential part of the productivity movement. You can help us reach more businesses faster and have a greater impact by lending your expertise, supporting innovation, and unlocking funding. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop your team’s leadership skills and improve your understanding of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Why join us

We recognise that being part of a productivity movement doesn’t obviously have immediate benefits. However, our partnerships are designed to add value to both small- and medium-sized businesses and our corporate partners to ensure we can learn and grow sustainably into the future.

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    Get to know your customers

    Through in-depth and unique insights, we’ll help you understand your customers and support you to build stronger, more trusting relationships.

    Support your supply chain

    By developing management capabilities and practices within your supply chain, we can help you reduce risk.

    Develop your people with unique opportunities

    When you participate in our exceptional personal and professional development programmes, you’ll get a unique insider view into the world of SMEs as you develop your leadership skills.

    Solve long-standing challenges by working together

    Tackling big problems on your own can be really difficult, but we want to change that. By joining our challenger taskforces, you can work to influence policy, effect change, and expand your networks.

    Be recognised by customers, peers and government

    By becoming a corporate partner, we’ll bring you into the Be the Business community – enabling you to engage with influential stakeholders, real SME leaders and your peers at other leading corporates.

How it works

You can partner with us and support the productivity movement in different ways.

  • Cash

    Our movement is growing every day. Through your generous contributions, we can continue to expand our operations and programmes, and lead the UK towards greater productivity.

  • Capability

    There is room for development at any stage of a career, so why not give experts, leaders and advisors from your team and networks the opportunity to join our programmes?

  • Co-create

    As every business leader knows, collaboration is key to a successful business. Join the movement and contribute to innovative ideas and products, and be part of building and testing new approaches with customers.

  • Campaign

    We want to reach every leader of a small- and medium-sized business within the UK, and you can help us reach our target. Connect your customers and networks with our tools and resources to help us reach our ambitious goal.

Our partners

We work with a wide variety of organisations across a number of different initiatives, from programme participation through to taskforce membership.

“Productivity matters. No growth for over ten years means people are poorer and the UK is weaker, competitively, than we should be. We want to change that and we know it can be done. We’re stepping up, as businesses, to support a movement across the UK. With this support we will work with businesses, with sectors and in places right across the country to build a better decade.”

Sir Charlie Mayfield
Be the Business

“GSK has been a supporter of Be the Business since its inception and co-developed the highly successful Mentoring programme. GSK have seconded executives directly to Be the Business in order to help scale the programme to allow SMEs all around the country to access strategic guidance from experienced executives.”

Regis Simard

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