Inspiring greater productivity: Be the Business Annual Report 2022

Anthony Impey wears a dusty blue suit jacket and white shirt. He is speaking to a woman with their back to the camera.

When Be the Business was founded in 2017 by Sir Charlie Mayfield, with the support of Government and a prestigious selection of the UK’s leading companies, we knew we had a massive task ahead of us: to improve small business productivity for the benefit of the UK economy as a whole.

Be the Business has been on a journey in the last five years: we’ve worked alongside the UK’s thriving business community, building strong relationships and gaining comprehensive insights into their needs and wants. Since our inception, we’ve generated £395m in productivity uplift for the UK economy, by engaging over 13,000 individuals in business-boosting activities.

Our work delivers lasting and significant impact to the businesses we work with and the economy in general.

In our first ever annual report, we look back on all that we’ve achieved in the past five years, including:

  • The impact of our Mentoring and Boards programmes
  • Our work with significant partners, such as BAE Systems, Lloyds Banking Group and Meta
  • The development of our Productive Business Index and other thought leadership reports
  • Our campaigns and newsletters
  • The Be the Business Festival 2022
Be the Business Annual Report 2022