Tools and templates

These tools and templates help you put thoughts into action to improve processes and procedures.

We've combined our own content with that provided by other experts in the business support space, saving you time and effort finding the right help.

The tools and templates listed below are also designed to help you with completing certain steps of our action plans.

  • Combination of checklists, templates and conversation guides
  • Use them as a way of structuring an approach to a particular process or task
  • Adapt suggestions to suit your particular business and its situation

Onboarding an employee remotely

Onboarding an employee remotely is a completely different beast compared to doing it on-site, so it’s crucial to shape your process to fit.

Creating a more inclusive work environment

Consistently reviewing your work environment, communication and processes is a good way to overcome barriers and create a more inclusive workplace.

Creating a technology strategy for your business

Creating a technology strategy using our template – rather than implementing tech ad-hoc – makes it more sustainable and creates opportunities for growth.

Completing a cost analysis for new technology

Before purchasing new technology, understand the costs involved and what other support or resources are needed using our cost analysis template.

Using customer research to choose a digital sales channel

Even the best sales strategy won’t be effective if you haven’t spent time on customer research. Use this checklist to get started.

Overcoming employee barriers to tech adoption

Employee buy-in plays a decisive factor in making new technology a success. Work through our template to anticipate any potential barriers to adoption.

Making an informed decision when choosing new technology

Researching new technology can be a minefield – here’s how to make an informed decision on what’s right for your business.

Mapping employee needs for new technology

When you’re figuring out what tools your business needs, use our checklist and spend time talking to the people who know your business inside out – your employees.

How to streamline your company’s sales process

Streamlining your sales process isn’t rocket science – follow our checklist to better target prospects, track progress and collaborate more easily.

Creating a data strategy for your business

A data strategy outlines how data will be organised and used effectively in your business. Our checklist walks you through each step of the process.

Setting a research question for data collection

This checklist will help define a research question for data collection to ensure the process stays on track data collected is relevant.

Storing data safely with GDPR

Use this checklist from the Data & Marketing Association to find out which areas within GDPR you need to focus on.

Testing where to spend on your online marketing

Running tests will help you decide which marketing channels your business should focus on. Our checklist outlines the basics.

Conducting an online competitor analysis

An online competitor analysis is a quick and useful way to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the online presence of your competitors.

How to get employees involved in decision making

Involving employees in decision making can give leaders valuable insights and lead to new ideas. Our checklist will help you get started.

Getting to the root cause of a problem

If you’ve identified a problem in your business, it’s important to get to the root cause before you take action.

Managing risk in your business

Working through a risk management matrix is a useful way to assess and mitigate potential risks.

Finding skills gaps in your leadership team

Completing a skills gap exercise, like the one in our template, will rate your leadership team’s ability to perform against key competencies.