These guides are designed to walk you through best practice approaches to business challenges.

They will bring to light the important issues and themes that underpin a particular business challenge and prepare you for making long-lasting improvements.

  • Based on SME experiences, not corporate jargon
  • Filled with real-world stories
  • Achievable steps every business can take

Lean into what makes you different

With today's consumers making spending decisions based on factors far more sophisticated that price, or even quality, businesses need to be thinking about what differentiates in a crowded and competitive …

Get inspired by what others have done

At Be the Business, we’ve been supporting business leaders like you since 2018 by bringing together companies of all shapes and sizes to share experiences and tackle challenges together.

How to re-engage and win back lapsed customers

Even if a customer hasn't bought from you in a while, their familiarity with your business makes them a valuable asset.

How to boost employee motivation without salary increases

A highly motivated workforce has benefits across the board, from greater productivity to improved staff retention. It's no wonder it's a huge area of focus for leaders.

How to structure meetings to make them more productive

Meetings play an important role in helping your team communicate effectively. Structure them poorly, however, and they can have the opposite effect.

How to set up a bonus system and choose who gets one

A bonus system is a powerful way to motivate employees and reward them for meeting or exceeding ambitious targets.

How to keep your cash flow forecast up to date

Maintaining your cash flow forecast is important for survival, but it can open up doors to new opportunities too.

How to develop a training programme for your staff

Training can have a positive impact on performance and productivity, and provide your staff with the tools they need to drive your business forward.

The motivation for UK businesses

There are two driving forces behind why most businesses want to challenge the five-day week model: improved productivity and better employee wellbeing.

Five steps to getting started with a four-day week

Thinking about trialling a four-day week in your own business? Here are five steps for getting started.

The future of work?

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. With those changes come a wealth of new opportunities – but how does the four-day week fit in?

Ten lessons and tips for switching to a four-day week

From getting the team on board to fitting the week around your company's needs, there's plenty of preparation to do before you make the switch from five days to four.

How to measure and track the impact of a four-day week

Like any new process or project, businesses that roll out a four-day week should be prepared to track and measure the impact it's had.

How to initiate a four-day week

As with many major business decisions, it makes sense to trial a four-day week before fully adopting it. Here's how other businesses approached the trial.

How the four-day week works

There are different interpretations of the four-day week and how it can be applied, but these three approaches are considered to be the most popular.

An introduction to the four-day week

We've put together a short series on the four-day work week to help you learn more about what it is and how other businesses have implemented it.

Five quick wins to improve your onboarding

The onboarding experience for new starters can make a huge difference to how they settle into the business and perform in their roles.

What to do if your new hire isn’t working out

Dealing with challenging employees is one of the most difficult parts of running a business. Here's how to best manage the situation.