Our thinking

As part of our mandate to help small and medium-sized business leaders increase their productivity, we publish research and studies. This helps us to understand business leaders and what will make their organisations more productive.


Be the Business and BAE Systems: Getting SMEs on a path to growth

BAE Systems’ direct support allowed Be the Business to scale the support we could offer rapidly and engage thousands of small business leaders at a crucial time..


Be the Business Productive Business Index – Edition three Q3 2021

The headline Productive Business Index has increased sharply from 108.77 to 119.0. Rising inflation, wage demands and increased costs of doing business has pushed productivity to the top of business and political agendas..


Skills for Success: Supporting business leaders with digital adoption – WEBINAR

New research from The Open University and Be the Business explores the skills necessary to encourage the successful adoption of technology in SMEs..


The Be the Business Tech Adoption Lab – Insights Report

The Tech Adoption Lab helps small and medium-sized business owners overcome some of the biggest frustrations they face when buying technology: how to select and then successfully adopt and implement the right tech solution for their business..


Be the Business Productive Business Index – Edition two Q1 2021

The Be the Business Productive Business Index is comprised of four clearly defined elements: performance of business; expected performance of business; actions taken to drive sustainable growth; and planned actions to drive sustainable growth..


Be the Business Productive Business Index – Outlook for 2021

The first edition of a major new research programme to measure and track changes in UK micro and SME business performance and capabilities..


Why 2020 can be the year that changed our tech trajectory

We worked with McKinsey & Company to undertake the largest ever analysis of the UK SME tech market and find out why it's not working..


Recovery at risk

We examine a wave of coronavirus-driven innovation amongst SMEs – over three years of innovation has taken place in three months..


Segmenting the business impact of coronavirus and where do firms go from here?

This paper sets out a four-part segmentation of where firms are today and four emerging themes for recovery..


Raising UK competitiveness: Inside the mindsets of leaders of firms

How much does the mindset of SME leaders impact productivity? This study gives new insight into the behaviour of SMEs around business operations..