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Productivity Leadership Group

Our advisory board, made up of leaders from across sectors including technology, manufacturing and professional services, play a vital role in steering our strategic direction. They also provide a direct link to the SME community we are engaging with through their customers, supply chain and wider network. Each member has shared why they are so passionate about improving UK productivity.
Jonathan Boumphrey

John Boumphrey


At Amazon we’re fully committed to helping UK firms grow productivity – particularly digital technology adoption, and we love the work Be the Businesses is doing to help make this a reality. .

Tera Allas CBE

McKinsey Center for Government

Productivity is a win-win for businesses and the people who work there, and not just financially. Well-run firms also have happier and motivated employees. .

Nigel Whitehead

BAE Systems

This is the decisive initiative for this generation of UK business leaders and we recognise that outstanding performance across all sectors and regions is within our reach. .

Sir Roger Carr

BAE Systems

At BAE Systems, we have the benefit of scale, capital and the ability to attract and retain first class people. We want to share our knowledge and skills with other companies. .

Dame Fiona Kendrick


At Nestle, we know if the productivity of our supply chain improves, the productivity and competitiveness of our own business improves too. .

Sir Ian Davis


Improving productivity and competitiveness is one of the most important imperatives for the UK, if not the most important. Business and organisational leaders have to take the lead. .

Sir Richard Lambert

British Museum

Just about the only way to improve the UK’s standard of living and thereby create the kind of society to which we all aspire is by raising the level of output per worker. .

Paula Carter

Channel 4

I joined Be the Business to contribute to a critical issue for British business and British prosperity. .
Kay Swinburne

Kay Swinburne


Productivity is the engine room of UK economic growth and improving it will play a vital part in regionalising the UK economy – something KPMG are committed to. .

Hosein Khajeh-Hosseiny

Trinity Sky

Working as one movement, in this new winner takes all digital age, we have the opportunity to cement our legacy of global best – being a beacon of prosperity. .

Debbie O’Hanlon


This is a critical time for the UK economy and I'm excited to play a part in helping businesses benefit from the skills, tools and experiences needed to embrace competitiveness. .

Sir Charlie Mayfield

John Lewis Partnership and Be the Business

If we are to learn from successes in other countries, the movement needs sustained leadership. We have the advocacy of some of the UK’s most senior business leaders and we are confident we can make a difference. .

Phil Smith CBE

Cisco UK&I

In a fiercely competitive and fast changing world, it is vital that the UK leads where it can. Our productivity is at the heart of that competitiveness. .

Olly Benzecry

Accenture UK&I

The digital technologies we develop all have huge potential to bring about increased productivity, as well as economic growth and an expanding job market. .

António Horta-Osório

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group is committed to providing support to British businesses, allowing eacg to access the management skills, tools and financial management practices to enhance productivity. .

Jeremy Anderson


Improving the productivity of UK firms is critical to thriving in a rapidly transforming world. Cracking this is important, not just for each business, but also to create good jobs and a prosperous society as a whole. .

David Meads

Cisco UK&I

Government, business and industry leaders must work together to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to learn digital skills and build careers that help to boost productivity levels. .

Steve Hatch


Digitally-enabled businesses are resilient businesses and we are committed to providing the tools and resources to enable SMEs to drive economic growth, create jobs and strengthen communities. .