Advisory Boards launched to provide targeted SME support

Family businesses in the North West are being offered an unrivalled opportunity to gain external support and expertise from successful business leaders in the region.

The Be the Business Advisory Boards programme has been set up to get businesses working together to improve productivity. Meeting regularly over the course of a full year, business leaders will have a chance to talk though their issues and challenges with a “board” of successful senior managers from companies such as Peel Airports Group, Cisco and CYBG.

The Advisory Boards programme is targeted at businesses which don’t yet have a formal board structure in place, but would welcome the chance to call on non-executive director style input on issues that are important to them.

Insights, expertise and benefits business leaders can gain from advisory boards:

  • Expertise and support developing new products and/or moving in to new markets
  • Managing risk or raising funds
  • Support during transitioning leadership
  • A sounding board to challenge thinking and strategies
  • Confidence in decision-making
  • Significantly enhanced professional networks

If your business would be interested in taking part in the Be the Business Advisory Boards programme, you can read more here. To apply, please get in touch at or sign up here.

If you’re in a senior role within a corporate or successful SME, and would like to turn that experience into expertise and your success into support while gaining new skills, insights and experiences of your own, read more here or contact

There is no financial cost to participation, although business leaders will need to commit to attending a quarterly meeting and producing some reporting information.

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