Digital Incite Sessions: Strategy, skills and leadership needed for successful digital change

Hear from Amazon experts and other subject matter specialists to equip your business with the tools needed to make the digitisation of your business a long-lasting success.
Amazon – Incite Sessions

About Digital Incite Sessions

With a challenging economic environment, the digitisation of your business is more important than ever – but it’s often hard to know what the right approach is.

Digital change is now key in responding to the interruption of work and business brought on by the pandemic and other economic pressures.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with Amazon Small Business Accelerator to introduce our newly-developed three-part Digital Incite Sessions on digital adoption. Building on the insight of Amazon technology experts and other subject matter specialists, and with the guidance of a session facilitator, you’ll be part of a small group of business leaders from companies of a similar size – brought together in a relaxed, informal and highly valuable format. Together, you’ll discuss the three largest barriers to digitisation that business leaders most often encounter:

  • Understanding and creating a digital strategy for your business 
  • Skills needed for successful digital change
  • Good leadership and management practices to support digital change 

Having completed the three sessions, you'll also get the chance to visit an Amazon fulfilment centre to see first hand how it has digitised its operations.

What’s the risk in not digitising successfully? The statistics tell the story:

18% – The average improvement in sales per employee over three years for firms that use a CRM system

25% – The average productivity benefit for companies using two or more business organisation technologies, such as project management software

12% – The average improvement in sales per employee over three years for businesses that use a digital accounting system

How your business will progress after attending Digital Incite Sessions

By collaborating and discussing challenges together in the presence of an Amazon expert, other subject matter specialists and with fellow business leader peers, you'll finish your experience with more knowledge and ideas about how to:

  • Improve productivity through the automation of key business tasks
  • Drive cost savings and produce revenue growth
  • Improve customer experience and customer insights
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Refine your operating model
  • Differentiate your business offering from your competitors
  • Boost business resilience during challenging economic environments

Helpful details

Where: All three sessions will be taking place virtually via Zoom.

Cost: Your place is being funded by our supporters Amazon Small Business Accelerator. To reserve your place, a £30 deposit is required but fully refunded (including the EventBrite fee) contingent upon the following:

  • Registration for the event series accepting all permissions and privacy notices
  • Attendance of all three webinar sessions
  • Completion of all requested surveys

Eligibility: We are ready to accept a range of businesses to attend the sessions. Please provide as much detail as you can on sign-up page to ensure we can provide you with the most relevant sessions to suit your business needs.

Please note these sessions aren’t intended to be a networking event, rather an opportunity to learn from like-minded business leaders and to start to make small but impactful changes in your business by having access to a technology expert. There is an important element of group discussion and therefore we ask that you keep your camera on where possible and contribute to each session.

Contact information: To find out anything else about our Digital Incite Sessions contact us on – we look forward to hearing from you!

Future sessions: If you are unable to commit to the current programme dates but would like to be kept up to date on our future cohort sessions please complete an expression of interest form here.