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Facing big decisions? Looking for an outside perspective? With our Boards programme, you don’t have to go it alone.

Over the course of 12 months, you’ll enjoy invaluable non-executive director-style support from a group of experienced businesspeople. You'll meet every three months for a 90-minute online meeting to talk through challenges.

As a Business Representative on the programme, your board will be made up of leaders and senior managers from successful firms with specialisms like finance, marketing, operations or HR.

If your business has been trading for a year and employs three or more staff members, then Boards is for you.

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The benefits of Boards

  • 95% of participants are either satisfied or very satisfied with Boards
  • 95% will make at least one change to their business due to programme involvement
  • 83% say they have achieved something personally from the taking part

Behind the scenes of a Boards experience

Introduction to Be the Business Boards


Find out how our Boards programme has a track record of providing valuable support and guidance for owners and leaders of small and medium-sized businesses.

How Boards can help you


Hear from some of our Boards participants to find out what inspired them to become part of the programme and how it has specifically helped.

What I’ve gained from the Boards programme


Looking back on their experience, board members and business leaders reflect on what they got out of the programme – from tangible business improvements to skills enhancements.

Myth busting by SME participants


Programme participants look back on some of the concerns they had before taking part and explain why, ultimately, the benefits far outweighed any initial reservations.

Why business leaders joined Boards


Running your own business can be lonely. We often hear from business leaders that they value a sounding board, but here’s some of our cohort one businesses explaining why they got involved.

Helen Tonks

Co-founder, Hydraulics Online

“Advisory Boards are a superb opportunity to get joined-up thinking across the whole of our business over a 12-month period. Through this strategic level of support, we’ll be able to make some real changes and grow our business.”

Our supporting partners

Well known firms from around the UK are providing experienced board members to the programme.

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