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If you’re in a senior role within a corporate or successful SME, you’ll have experienced the ups and downs of leading a business. Are you ready to turn that experience into expertise and share your learnings with small business leaders who need your help?

Across the course of a year, you’ll work with a small group of senior leaders to add external ideas and perspectives to the thinking of two ambitious small businesses.

If you would like more information please reach out to us at and we'll be able to help. If you'd like to get a board for your business, visit our dedicated page.

How Boards work

  • Share some basic information with us so we can place you with two businesses that need your skills
  • Get matched with a small group of senior leaders to support two small businesses
  • Join 90-minute online meetings every three months to ask questions and offer insights on key challenges
  • Help the businesses identify actions to take away and complete between meetings

What to expect from the Boards experience

Introduction to Be the Business Boards


Find out how our Boards programme has a track record of providing a great way for professionals to develop leadership capabilities, gain non-executive director style experience and support small businesses.

What I’ve gained from the Boards programme


Looking back on their experience, board members and business leaders reflect on what they got out of the programme – from tangible business improvements to skills enhancements.

Myth busting by board members


Programme participants look back on some of the concerns they had before taking part and explain why, ultimately, the benefits far outweighed any initial reservations.

Stories from programme participants

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Chris Reeves

Vice president, Cisco

“The whole experience was brilliant. It’s good to bring in perspectives from bigger businesses and see how that can be applied to small businesses in a pragmatic way.”

An incredible multifaceted learning experience

Learn about Bhavna Saraf's Boards experience

Our supporting partners

Well known firms from around the Uk are providing experienced board members to the programme.

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