Spark Sessions: Three-part series of online peer learning workshops

Business leader makes video call

How Spark Sessions work

Over the course of three, 75-minute weekly online sessions, you'll come away with the knowledge, confidence and motivation needed to turn obstacles into opportunities.

By joining these highly interactive online sessions, you'll learn from both topic experts and fellow business leaders navigating similar challenges.

“Spark Sessions give you the opportunity to connect with other business leaders – driving insight from other industries that you wouldn’t typically connect with. It was reassuring too to discover that many other leaders had the same challenges." – Jo Scott, MD at Truth Design

What you need to know

Spark Sessions are for businesses which have three or more full-time employees and have been trading for over a year.

  • Expert

    Each workshop a carefully selected expert will share their personal experiences to act as catalyst to the group discussion.

  • Peers

    Join a conversation with fellow business leaders, a rich source of ideas on how to approach common challenges and goals.

  • Facilitator

    Our facilitator will encourage participants to share their experiences and lessons learned through open questions.

  • Takeaways

    Use the three workshops to build up an idea of how you'll target improvement in the areas that are of most importance to you.

"The collaborative approach to learn and share real experiences significantly enhanced my understanding of subject matter critical to doing business. Following the sessions, we immediately took action and implemented specific changes in how we operate.”

James Pickles, MD at Westek Technology