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Be the Business is working alongside Mastercard UK, Enterprise Nation and Digital Boost for the Strive UK initiative. The programme aims to empower micro and small businesses around the country to succeed in the digital economy through free guidance, helpful tools, and personalised, one-to-one mentoring.
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Empowering small business for a digital future

Working together to help small business

Be the Business’ role in the Strive initiative is to support business owners from a Black, Asian and minority ethnic background, with a special focus on female business owners.

Research consistently shows that outcomes for business owners and entrepreneurs with a minority ethnic background are worse than those of the general business population, including productivity, turnover and the success of non-financial aims.

Yet, there is huge potential for more leaders in these groups to thrive and succeed. This community demonstrates higher than average levels of entrepreneurialism and innovation, which makes it perfectly placed to expand into the digital economy.

By building a sustainable network for business leaders from a Black, Asian and minority ethnic background, uniting these business leaders with a national business community and promoting the sharing of expertise, Be the Business aims to support the growth and development of this innovative part of the UK’s small business sector.

Helping small businesses is what we do

Be the Business is offering fully funded support programmes to micro and small business leaders within the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community as part of the Strive initiative.

Each of these programmes have been designed to help business leaders grow their enterprise, adopt digital technology successfully and improve their leadership and management skills.

Supporting unrecognised talent

Be the Business is delighted to be working alongside Mastercard, Enterprise Nation and Digital Boost on the Strive initiative.

Mastercard have long made diversity and inclusion a key pillar within their business.

Over the years, they have led by example, with their Global Inclusion Council and commitment to supplier diversity playing a significant role in their latest achievement: being ranked in the top ten for diversity for the fourth year in a row.

By collaborating with Mastercard, Be the Business hopes to reach small business leaders who, up until now, have faced challenges accessing support, assistance and advice.

Strive UK will help unlock the tremendous potential and entrepreneurial drive of ethnic minority owned businesses. Enabling ethnic minority business leaders to embrace technology and succeed in the digital economy will be transformational - both for the businesses and for their communities.

Anthony Impey MBE, CEO, Be the Business

We are Be the Business

Be the Business is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a single goal: to help small business leaders improve the performance and productivity of their business.

We work with some of the UK's most successful businesses to provide small business leaders with the support, resources and guidance they need for their enterprise to succeed and thrive.

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