The Secret of Productive Work: How better communication delivers the biggest wins

Landscape graphic of the eBook's front cover, showing the eBook title, the Slack and Be the Business logos, and two hands fist-bumping one another

Great communication underpins every successful business.

Fluid, open communication is how teams come up with big ideas, make faster decisions and get things done. Businesses that get communication right are the ones that make the biggest productivity gains – and ultimately, come out on top.

Be the Business teamed up with Slack, the productivity platform, to understand how collaboration tools are helping small businesses to improve and grow. The result is this eBook.

This eBook will help business leaders to enhance communication and collaboration in their own teams by offering real, practical tips to boost their productivity, as well as new research findings from 1,004 decision-makers at small and growing businesses across the UK.

The eBook also features eight case studies from business leaders who have overcome communication challenges to build collaborative, productive businesses in sectors including B2B, manufacturing, technology and food & drink.

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