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It's The Small Things podcast: Steve Moore, CEO, Flight Club

Flight Club is a business like no other. Blending slick hospitality with NASA-like technology, hear how CEO Steve Moore has developed a slick management and leadership structure that brings it all together.

Our third episode of It’s The Small Things looks at a brand that’s taken darts out of dingy pubs and turned the sport into an immersive experience that’s accessible to everyone.

Developing a unique concept allowed Flight Club to build a business that turns over £30m in the UK, alongside its revenue from new US locations, employs over 550 staff and has set a standard for customer experience.

In fact, Flight Club is so popular the boards have to be replaced every three weeks – which runs into the thousands of dart boards a year.

Listen and watch to find out how running hundreds of pre-launch feedback sessions helped them build an army of advocates, the functions and management team needed to scale and creating an immersive experience that bucks the trend of high street closures

The full podcast episode is available on all major platforms and immediately below. Click through to find it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Acast, Spotify and SoundCloud and subscribe to make sure you don't miss out on new episodes. We've also got some behind the scenes action to set the scene and showcase why Flight Club is such an exciting business to learn from.

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BONUS Episode: How Flight Club CEO Steve Moore met the challenge of COVID-19

Go behind the scenes

"There's a lot going on behind the scenes to allow these intricate and spectacular venues to be running at full tilt all the time."

Steve Moore – Flight Club

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Making changes

"It's about communicating enough so that all of the team understand the direction of travel and they're invested in it, but not communicating too much because it changes every day."

Steve Moore – Flight Club

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Hear what a typical day for Steve is like

"The nine-strong leadership team that represents the business now, we pretty much started from day one slowly building that."

Steve Moore – Flight Club

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Lessons learnt

Rapid change and upheaval can be hard on team members, but developing stress-resistant operations helps reduce the impact.

While Flight Club initially set out to test game propositions and experiences, the business ended up with an army of fans ready to hand over their own money to visit.

Smart uses of digital technology has helped Flight Club reinvent the game of darts and reach an entirely new audience.