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How can I improve the digital presence my business has?

While it used to be a way of driving extra sales or simply housing contract details, the digital presence a business has is now its primary shop window. It represents the first impression a potential customer has, an indication of what level of service can be expected and the chance to tell an engaging story. Creating a strong digital offering doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t have to be an intimidating process if broken down in a sensible way.

Ways to help you deal with it:


An introduction to improving the online presence of your business

From growing your customer base to boosting credibility and collecting data, being more visible online promises countless wins for your business.

GUIDES break a challenge down, providing important context and real-world experiences.

  • Based on SME experiences, not corporate jargon
  • Filled with real-world stories
  • Achievable steps every business can take

Other support that's available

There’s lots of great advice and support available from third parties, so we’ve brought together some of our favourite resources.

How other businesses have tackled something similar

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